Turns out the highs this weeks will be in the 50’s & 60’s. So Big won’t need his neck gaiter to keep warm. Good thing since I”m only about half way done. He leaves for outdoor school tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll be done by the time he gets back Friday. Now I just have to have Bigger’s done before he flies out to school in a month. Oh well, can always mail it to him.


Future Missionary

"I love to see the temple..."

“I love to see the temple…”

The youth (read teenagers) from church went to the temple Saturday Dec 1. Lots of adults provided transportation and I went, too. It’s always a great trip. Big went and we had a wonderful time together. Was a gorgeous winter day. High in the 50’s, no wind or snow. Easy driving.

He’ll be 18 next year and eligible to go on his mission. Bigger will be 20 and plans on going after this school year. Looks like they’ll be on missions at the same time. Oh joy. Oh boy. They’ll soon be moving on and won’t be my little boys anymore….. Naah. They will always be my little boys. They just won’t look little.

Future missionary

Future missionary

Knit 1 Purl 1

I haven’t knit anything in years. I’m more of a crochet gal. Always said one needle is easier than two. But I decided to make neck gaiters for my sons for Christmas using circular knitting needles. That’s sort of like one needle, isn’t it? A gaiter is a turtleneck with out the turtle, just the neck. Great for cold windy days and you can pull them up over your mouth and nose if needed. I asked Big what color he wanted and he said blue but I couldn’t make it just plain blue so he’s getting lots of blues. I started his three nights ago. Here’s what I have so far.

Completed it’s eight inches long. This is about two. I hope to have it done in another three days. I don’t know. Maybe. If I spend more time in front of the TV? Hmm, sounds good. An excuse to catch up on my shows 🙂

Anyway Bigger said he wanted black. Well it couldn’t be just black, that’s boring, so I got him this. Kind of tweedy looking.

I wanted something really cheerful for mine. Do you think I got it?

Oooh yum! I don’t mind the cold if I’m dressed for it.

Click here for the pattern

Hit the Road, Jill

I’ve decided to try something new. Or maybe it’s go back to something old. A little of both. In March 2012 I was laid off from my job of five and one half years. I had the whole summer off, so not all bad. I got a bunch of stuff done around the house. I’ve been laid off before and I have skills to offer so I wasn’t too worried. But it took a lot longer to find a job than I expected. Around Labor Day I was on a trip to visit some cousins and riding the highways I noticed the big trucks. I remembered I once wanted to drive one of those. I thought “I could do that!” So I started looking into it and decided to pursue that old dream. Three weeks later I was offered a job. Not as a driver, no. I accepted the offer since unemployment was about to run out and I still needed to pay the bills, you know. But I kept doing research on truck driving. Big is now a senior in high school. Bigger will soon be leaving for his second year of college. The job I took is in another cubicle. Just like the last one. I do not like working in a cube. I do not like it, Sam I Am. I say instead of hanging around the empty nest I’m going to fly the coop too! I am going to be an Over the Road (OTR) truck driver. New places and new faces every day. And lots of time on my own. I like that. I used to do it as a field service tech before I was married and became a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). I don’t want to miss any of the time I have left with my boys but I am eagerly anticipating this next stage in my life. Look out, EngineeringMother is going to hit the road!

Look at ‘er go!

Looks like a cockpit, almost.

all the comforts of home

a really small home, that’s all

Hit the Road, Jill and don’t you look back no more no more no more no more


Aren’t these trucks cool? Someday I hope to have one a lot like them. Later, gator!

We took our (usually) annual trip to Ocean City a couple of weeks ago. It was only a weekend but we had a great time. We almost didn’t go and I’m so glad we went.

Now, just two weeks later OC is evacuated because of hurricane Irene.

Our last day we spent time on the boardwalk. We went somewhat early, about 10:30am and parked at the end near the pier with the amusement park on it.

And had some Thrasher Fries. Yumm! Here’s Big and my friend Susan enjoying some.

Last Saturday you could barely make out the ferris wheel on the pier. This is from the same parking lot.

One place we’ve enjoyed exploring in Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. The shark through the wall acutally moves, slowly twisting back and forth. The exhibits inside are updated frequently so it’s never the same.

Big is Star Wars crazy so he especially liked the display by the entrance.

Car Wars. These sculptures are made entirely of car and bicycle parts.

Last Friday this building was being covered for protection.

Turn left from here and you can see up the boardwalk with the ocean to your right.

Sunday it was covered with sand.

The end of the pier was being washed away.

And some of the stores were damaged.

But overall OC got off pretty light compared to N Carolina and Vermont.

I have loads of pictures and lots of activities to add. I’m going to start with the present and gradually add in the past. Thanks for your patience and please come visit again soon!

We’re leaving on another trip tonight. Driving 200 miles to pick up Big at EFY (Especially For Youth) in Southern Virginia. It’s like Vacation Bible School for teenagers. They come from all over the country to spend a week together. Multiple weeks at multiple locations are available across the country. Housed on a college campus with young adult counselors and older adult leaders. Both my sons have been before and they loved it. Made lots of new friends and learned life lessons in spirituality. I’ll be adding pictures soon.

My Town

We actually have two diners in my small town. This one is only open for breakfast and lunch. Except Thursday and Friday nights, they are also open for supper.

You can tell this is a very country place because of the common table down the middle of the room. Anyone can sit there and you share everything. You can hear the most interesting conversations at this table sometimes.

Check out the decorations and wallpaper. See the menus? You get them yourself out of the box on the wall.

I like this plaque a lot. Friendly place. Sausage gravy and scrapple. Not my type of food but lots of folks around here love it. I like the decor.

Here’s our police station. They remodeled the old train station. Isn’t that great? I love when they re-use old buildings. This is right next to the diner above. This is also where the town has the Christmas tree lighting every December. Gotta love small towns.